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  Excel Utility  
The Excel Utility provides easy access to a number of built in Excel Functions as well as to Dream Catcher developed Utilities specifically designed to help speed up document preparation and management. The Excel Utility is design to support the Dream Catcher Suite of Products, but remains a stand alone product.

Download Excel Utility

The Excel Utility is free to use, but is unsupported, and is to be used at your own risk. Dream Catchers does not accept any liability, nor does Dream Catchers provide any warranties.

Download and install the Excel Utility here

  The Dream Catcher Management Suite  
The Dream Catcher Management Suite of Products provide a free format Microsoft Excel environment, allowing users to interact with their financial information on their own terms.

Reduced Reporting Time and Increased Accuracy
The Dream Catcher Management Suite delivers an interactive real-time link with both the Dream Catcher Information Store and the underlying Transactional Accounting System. allowing users to access multiple (and grouped) versions (Actual, Budget, Forecast etc), periods, accounts, operating units and companies, from a single centralised location, Microsoft EXCEL.
  • Unleash the power of Excel

  • Free Format Excel Reporting


  • Drill down through Consolidations to Transactions
  • Free format Excel Reporting
  • Any Version, Period, operating Unit or Company
  • Multi-Currency, Multi-Company Reporting
  • Allow Non-Accounting Users Access to their own Information

  • Centralised Information Repository

  • Accurate Up-to-Date Information



  Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a powerful multi-currency, multi-version Management Reporting and Performance Measurement Tool.

Dream Catcher with a multi-tiered consolidation model and unlimited scenarios gives you the freedom to report as your organisational structures dictate and change.  Free format Microsoft Excel Reports/Spreadsheets are easily created, modified and distributed, without ever having to leave the Spreadsheet environment. Journal’s and consolidation entries which exist above the Transactional Accounting System may be directly posted from within Microsoft Excel.

Accurate Up to Date Information

The information is drawn directly from the Dream Catcher Data Store, allowing for real-time reporting of all information stored.

Shortened Submission Cycles

Through the use of standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, submissions to and from remote locations can simply be emailed and updated within Microsoft Excel environment.


Consolidations and Scenarios

Two separate consolidation paradigms allow you to quickly consolidate and generate company and group wide information drawn from multiple sources or locations into a single source information environment. The simplest consolidation model provides a straight-forward Company/Group aggregate consolidation.


For more complex environments the Consolidation Wizard allows structures and scenarios to be quickly created or updated in a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing the creation of multiple consolidation structures based on the same core information.

Having consolidations generated from these two sources removes the frustration of cumbersome Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, with multiple linked schedules for the generation of Consolidated Financial Information.

Multiple Auditable Transaction Types

Transactions updated into the Dream Catcher Management System can be carried out in Year-to-Date and Month-to-Date values or simply as transactions, with all transactions generating a detailed audit trial.


Transaction Histories are stored for all updates to the database, allowing users to view the Transaction History of changes to information

Central Repository

By acting as a central repository for financial and operational information and metrics Dream Catcher provides a single window into the operational and financial “truths” of your business. Information can be shared, validated and reported on from a single source, thus reducing the doubt and frustration caused by multiple source and ad hoc reporting.



Information is secured within the Microsoft SQL Server security environment, coupled with Dream Catcher Application layer security ensures that Users can only interact with information to which they have rights.

  XLi (Excel integration)

The XLi enables Microsoft Excel to become a high performance management reporting tool, encompassing its own consolidation model.  Free format Microsoft Excel reports or spreadsheets are easily created, modified and distributed, without ever having to leave the spreadsheet environment. Detailed drill-down functionality provides detailed views of data (within the workbook) and how the final values are consolidated through to the individual transactions within the Transactional Accounting System.

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Excel
The XLi gives you instant access to your Transactional Accounting information, delivering the data real-time within Microsoft Excel. 

Free format active linking of the Transactional Accounting System from within Microsoft Excel, without the fuss of complicated formulas and references, allows for fast generation of Microsoft Excel based Management Reports.

Free Format Microsoft Excel Reporting
se Microsoft Excel functions and formatting whilst still being able to alter the reference to your Transactional Accounting information from within Microsoft Excel, by simply changing the period, account number or branch number and refreshing the data allows for a single template report to be created and used for all departments.


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