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Questions are the important thing,
answers are less important. 
Learning to ask a good question
 is the heart of intelligence. 
Learning the answer...well, 
answers are for students. 
Questions are for thinkers. 
- R. Schank



Training and Certification Program

To succeed or fail in most anything deepens on preparedness. Whether it be preparedness for change; preparation of environment, or preparation of knowledge and skills.

Dream Catchers brings a multitude of skill development techniques to bear from change management seminars, which prepare our client organisations for the changed in environment; through to Advanced Excel XLi technique training, which help our clients extend their skill and knowledge around the core platform in which our products operate.

The approaches taken with training range from formal sessions around core product functionality to one-on-one tutoring and train-the-trainer sessions depending on the client and the environment.


XLi Release 2.2 Course Overview

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Client Support  

Incident Management

 System (IMS)

With our partners and staff Dream Catchers' philosophy with regard to support is simple, "if you're working, we're working". Client support is built around relationships, between the organisations, and individuals.

We respect the critical nature of both the systems we implement and the impact they have on the operations and decision making capabilities of our clients. Support is second only to training as a key success factor of any implementation, and for Dream Catcher in general.

Email an Incident to IMS Support

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Thought Leadership and Consulting
Thought Leadership and Consulting are inseparable, as consultants, we need to set the bench marks; not follow them. Whether the bench mark is technological or in the fundamentals of financial information and reporting.

Tracking trends in technology and approaches, watching local and international standards, and gauging the relevance and reliability in relation to our clients, is the least that is expected.

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